Triteleia bridgesii

Triteleia bridgesii    copyright  2002 Mark McDonough

Photo by Mark McDonough, June 2002

Among the most beautiful of all western American bulbs
is Triteleia bridgesii, from California.  The flowers are
exceptionally large and showy for the size of the plant,
forming open umbels 6" across, on stems 12" tall. 

In this photo taken on a cool, windy,rainy day in June 2002,
I'm holding the stem still for better focus, as well as imparting
a sense of scale.  Of all the Triteleia I have grown, this one
has the largest, most impressive umbel of them all.

Notice that there are two color forms; the one with
the halo of white is my favorite.  Easily grown in
sandy soil over a clay base.  Flowers mid June
through mid July.

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