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Allium flavum ssp. tauricum 'Orangeade'

Allium flavum ssp. tauricum 'Orangeade'   copyright  2000 Mark McDonough

'Orangeade' is the dwarf plant in the center, with medium

"school bus" orange flowers   It is lower growing than most

tauricums, only 4" - 5" tall in flower, with a semi-prostrate

growth habit.  In my seedling trials, I'm searching for

compact plants that "clump up" well, and have

distinctive or unusually hued flowers.



Growing near 'Orangeade" are 1 and 2 year old

seedlings in a variety of interesting colors.  On the

right is a short row of the cultivar named 'Cinnamon'.


For another good dwarf orange seedling, see the

cultivar tentatively named 'Orange Parasol'.


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